Facebook Gets Subpoenaed

According to Reuters, the New Jersey State Attorney General has subpoenaed Facebook to investigate whether or not sexual offenders in the state currently have profiles on the site. This comes on the heels of statements by the New York state Attorney General “claiming that an undercover investigation revealed that investigators posing as young users of the site (12 to 14 years old) were ‘repeatedly solicited by adult sexual predators.'” (Source: News.com) Apparently this subpoena “is similar to one issued earlier this year to MySpace.”

Based on all this buzz surrounding sexual predators on Facebook, I would say that being naked on Facebook is probably not a great idea. At least if you are under age. According to the article, 268 registered New Jersey sex offenders has profiles on MySpace and had since been deleted. I wonder what number will show up on Facebook. Looks like Facebook needs to get the P.R. machine running full-time. Everyone remembers all the buzz surrounding MySpace and sexual predators. It looks like Facebook is now the new site to receive the same negative buzz.

If there is a public database of registered sex offenders, Facebook and other social networks should simply query that database when people sign up for the site. If there is a match, the profile gets flagged for immediate review. Do you think this is a good solution?