Facebook Gets Newspaper Treatment From Paper.Li

If you'd rather read social media updates in a newspaper format, check out Paper.li.

If you’d rather read Facebook newsfeeds and Twitter updates in a newspaper format, check out Paper.li.

Paper.li just added Facebook to its service. The novelty here is the promised layout, not the social media aggregation. FriendFeed does a more comprehensive job of pulling together feeds from disparate sites, clearly only beginning to offer a rich return on investment to its acquirer Facebook.

If you want to read Twitter and Facebook updates in a layout resembling a newspaper, and do it away from either of those two sites, then Paper.li is for you. The news aggregator calls its offering an easy-to-read format, but I believe that’s a matter of personal taste.

Paper.li is in alpha, which explains why I haven’t been able to log on using my Facebook account. I had better luck with my Twitter signon, but without the option of interweaving both social feeds with content from media sites, the whole exercise seems like a time waster.

Apparently, others are finding they can’t yet have both Facebook and Twitter feeds come in live on the Paper.li alpha. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

I happen to prefer vertically scrolling headlines, and find a newspaper layout kind of “retro.” People who feel nostalgic about the media formats of yore might dig Paper.li more than I am.

However, there are many other services that already let you pull content the way Paper.li does, based on keywords, usernames and hashtags.

Apparently, Twitter users love Paper.li. Have you tried it? What do you think of it?