Facebook Gets More Views Than Yahoo, ComScore Says

Facebook bumped Yahoo from the number three spot in comScore's global rankings of page views among web sites in November.

This may look like something that already happened earlier, but in comScore’s rankings of page views among web sites, Facebook just bumped Yahoo from the number three spot.

According to comScore’s global rankings, Facebook had 648 million unique visitors during November, compared to 630 million for Yahoo. Microsoft had 869 million and Google had 970 million.

Last month, Yahoo and Facebook had tied in comScore’s rankings, both having 633 million page views, as TechCrunch pointed out.

Facebook now accounts for one out of every four display ads in the U.S., more than double what Yahoo has. The social network also sends more traffic to video content than the the number two search engine does.

With Yahoo in the proverbial rear-view mirror and getting smaller every day, Google remains the true rival for Facebook, in terms of traffic.

Based on the current growth rate, how long do you think it will take before Facebook moves further up the comScore ranking?