Facebook Gets More U.K. Xmas Traffic Than Google

Facebook got more U.K. traffic on Christmas than Google, for the first time this year.

U.K. traffic to Facebook beat Google’s by .7 percent on Christmas day, which appears to be a first on that side of the pond.

Traffic to the world’s most popular social networking site accounted for 10.5 percent of all webpage hits in the U.K. on Christmas day, compared to 9.77 percent for Google.

Last year, Facebook had already surpassed the search behemoth in the U.S. for both Christmas eve and the day itself. This happened again on New Year’s Day, and again a couple of months later, on the second week of March 2010.

Tallies of this year’s holiday traffic to Facebook from the U.S. and other parts of the world besides the U.K. have yet to come in. However, this week we learned that the social network has officially dethroned Yahoo as the world’s third most popular website in terms of page views measured by comScore.

We can safely assume that Facebook keeps rising to the top of online activity during the holidays because people want to share their stories and photos with their friends, and also send them best wishes. It’s a trend that should continue to grow around the globe in the coming years.

Did you also make a point to visit Facebook to check on your friends’ holiday activities, or post stuff of your own? Has this replaced or supplemented calling or texting your loved ones?