Facebook Gets Another $40+ Million

Back in November I wrote that the Hong Kong billionairem, Li Ka-Shing has invested $60 million at the $15 billion valuation Microsoft had set on Facebook. According to Marketwatch, the original investment has been raised to over $100 million. This would give Li Ka-Shing almost 1 percent of Facebook.

Facebook has been raising as much money as possible at their current valuation because it has enabled to run in the red for a while and has empowered them to acquire new employees (and steal them from Google). Li Ka-Shing sees a serious opportunity for leveraging Facebook’s technology on the mobile phone operations companies that he currently has holdings in. If you are looking for a amazing combination look no further then the joining of mobile technology and Facebook’s social graph technology.

It is impressive that Facebook continues to be able to raise funding from a select group of individuals. They must realize that the true value of Facebook could be in the hundreds of billions once the social graph is effectively monetized. You may be wondering how will Facebook be monetized effectively? Well, I would argue that Facebook will leverage our iCPM (individual CPM) in the very near future. I’ll save that for another post though!