Facebook Fugitive's Page Shut Down, Still On The Run

Facebook has shut down the Facebook Page of Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch, the fugitive that had been using Facebook to taunt the police after breaking out of jail. Tens of thousands of fans had joined his Facebook Page prior to Facebook shutting it down. Since then, numerous groups and Pages have been set up by supporters in honor of the fugitive who nobody had heard of prior to his creative use of Facebook. Craig has now become well known thanks to widespread media coverage.

Some fans have even created videos in honor of the fugitive. The video below is a short rap about Craig Lynch who is still supposedly on the run from cops, although no word has been heard from Craig himself as Facebook has appeared to block him completely. Craig sounds like a relatively lonely guy to be honest. According to the Guardian, the jail which Lynch escaped from was a low-security prison called Hollesly Bay. According to the Guardian, Hollesly Bay is “an institution so escape-prone it’s known locally as Holiday Bay”.

Some sources have claimed that Lynch only had a few months left in his seven year sentence, suggesting that Craig actually wants to go back to jail. Even Lynch himself wrote on his Facebook Page, “But it will end in tears. It always does.” While he had been enjoying the holidays even preparing to post a video of himself asking police for directions during a new years celebration, Facebook has since cut off the criminal’s channel of communication.

Now we’ll have to wait and see if Craig is caught. In theory we may never know what happens to Craig Lynch, as he fails to pull off a spectacular capture by police, something I’m sure he was hoping for. For now we’ll have to wait on any news about the now internet famous fugitive.

Warning: The following video contains profanity.