Facebook Fugitive Craig Lynch Caught

Craig “Lazie” Lynch, the famous British fugitive who taunted police on Facebook, has finally been caught. As expected, it was not a glorious capture. Last week Facebook shut down Craig’s popular page after attracting over 40,000 fans. The Associated Press wrote today that Craig was captured after four months on the run but few other details were provided.

Last week we wrote that Craig would most likely not make it back on to Facebook and would fail to pull off a spectacular capture. Craig wasn’t exactly a famous criminal until he began taunting police on Facebook. With the amount of coverage Craig has received, you would imagine that he had pulled off the largest diamond heist of all time and was now residing in his mansion overlooking the French Riviera.

Unfortunately for Craig he’s now back in jail and after spending four months taunting police, there’s a good chance he’ll be in jail for much longer. In all honesty it appeared as though Craig secretly wanted to go back to jail. As he one of his last Facebook updates stated, “But it will end in tears. It always does.” Consider his escape from jail a temporary holiday vacation.

Craig was able to generate a ton of attention for someone who was previously never known. One fan even created a music video about his, as we posted last week. Tough luck for Craig!

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