MuzeiT Shares Song Snippets With Facebook Friends

Israel company MuzeiT allows users to send snippets of songs straight to their friends' walls on Facebook.

What sentiment isn’t better sung? Israeli company MuzeiT came up with a new way to jazz up Facebook posts by allowing users to send snippets of songs straight to their friends’ wall.

To get those creative juices flowing, you can first check out the preselected categories the application has on the left hand side like love, good mood, funny, help and others, to hear other people’s Muzes.

Unfortunately, no one had uploaded a song in the hate category when we were looking for inspiration.

Anyway, next you type in a song in a song in the search bar and you’re off. You can play a portion of the song and edit it so that it starts and begins where you want it to.

When you are satisfied your song gets the right feelings across, you are given the option to post it on any of your friend’s wall with a personalized message.

They can then play back the portion of the song right from their wall posting.

In a blog post, the founder Omri Klinger wrote this about coming up with the idea for the app:

The idea first crossed my mind 3 years ago during the hot winter of the first iPhone release. I was dating a girl and we were texting each other. I was trying hard to be sweet and funny but at the same time cool and smart. I found it hard to find the right words, so I thought maybe to quote something from a song like everybody does. I started to go all over my iPhone searching for the right quote, because songs always deliver the message better. Then it crossed my mind, many people like to quote from songs. But why can’t we just send that part of the song?

It’s a cute idea, but we found the app a little cumbersome to use. Since you can only share 30 seconds of any song, it was hard to get the editing down to the right part and we found the playback mechanism a little unresponsive.

But on the bonus side, the library pulls the songs from YouTube, so we were able to find just about any song we wanted. We also liked listening to the sample Muzes to get a sense of what we’re supposed to do with the app.

Overall, it’s a fun app to play with if you’re bored at work. But if you really have a sentiment you’d like to get across to someone, we recommend giving that person a call. Or at least an e-card.

Readers, have you tried Muze and if so, what do you think of it?