Facebook’s Friends Day Videos Are Back, With Friends Awards This Time

The social network turned 14 Sunday

Friends Awards are new to Facebook Friends Day videos for 2018 Facebook
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Feb. 4 is Super Bowl Sunday this year, but it’s Friends Day every year for Facebook.

Facebook reached birthday No. 14 Sunday, and as it has for the last two years, the social network brought back its Friends Day videos, which are pre-populated with photos of users’ memories with their friends.

Image choices can be edited, and Friends Day videos can be shared with users’ friends (after all, isn’t that the point?)?

Facebook said more than 600 million Friends Day videos were shared last year, adding that an average of 750 million friendships are formed on the social network each day.

Facebook added friendship-themed GIFs to Messenger for Friends Day 2017, and the new wrinkle for this year’s edition is Friends Awards. Here’s how it works:

Facebook users will see messages atop their News Feeds altering them that their personalized Friends Day videos are ready for viewing and sharing.

At the end of the videos, users will be shown Friends Awards in categories such as “Bestie,” “Great Listener” and “Knows How to Make Me Laugh,” after which they can share the pre-populated awards as part of their Friends Day videos or create their own awards.

Facebook's new Friends Awards

Facebook also released three new filters for Facebook Camera for Friends Day, along with short films highlighting “five remarkable friendships from around the world.”

One of Facebook's five short films for Friends Day

Friends Day videos, Friends Awards and the friendship videos are available here.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.