Facebook Friends Are Now Physically Accessible With ‘Nearby Friends’ Feature

Your Facebook friends are now looking for you in the real world, using the Anroid app’s new feature – Nearby Friends, which assumes that you have more than one friend. Don’t worry anti-social Facebook users, there are ways to turn off this feature, especially if you’re trying to avoid professional Facebook stalkers. Nearby relationships are bi-directional.

The feature is getting a slow roll-out, and unlike a lot of terrible Facebook updates, we think it’s a refreshingly different take an location-based social notifications. The Nearby Friends feature doesn’t tell you where your mates are – it’s just telling you that they are around, somewhere, close maybe. You can choose to opt out by not turning the feature on and for how long. Further, you can also choose who you want to see, and note, there’s not a way to publicly display your proximity to the “public.” If you’re not friends or friends of friends, you can’t detect nearby users, unlike Instagram or Twitter.


Here are useful settings for your Android app, please note that not all users have this option during the slow rollout. Further, the update does not include iOS at this time:

To turn Nearby Friends on or off on an iPhone or Android:

  1. Tap More
  2. Tap Nearby Friends
  3. Tap 
  4. Tap Location Sharing


To share your precise location with a friend on an Android or iPhone:

  1. Tap Nearby Friends.
  2. Tap  to the right of the friend’s name.
  3. Select how long you’d like to share your precise location. You can choose to share your location for an hour, several hours or until you choose to stop.

Keep in mind you can stop sharing your precise location with your friend at any time. To stop, tap  next to their name and tap Stop Sharing This.


To see your Location History:

  1. Go to your activity log and click More from the left column
  2. Click Location History

To delete something from your Location History:

  1. Click  next to the story
  2. Select Delete from the dropdown menu


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