Facebook Starts Phasing Out Friend Details Feature

Over the past day or two I’ve had multiple users reach out to me regarding the friend details feature disappearing. Previously, Facebook would let you keep notes about how you know each of your contacts on the site. When you approve a friend, you have the option of adding friend details at which point a pop-up will display, prompting you to ask “How do you know [person’s name]?” It was a small feature but one that many users found to be extremely useful.

While you can still enter information about how you know somebody, it doesn’t appear as though users can view those details. Facebook is rapidly becoming the social CRM system making features like this an extremely important one. Facebook is focusing on friend lists for managing their contacts but many users would like to include other details, especially notes. Making such notes searchable would also be extremely useful.

Facebook is hoping to be the source for managing our online identity and our entire social graph. In order to accomplish that, Facebook will be forced to add more features, going against their short-term goal of simplifying things on the site. Regardless of the changes, the site continues to grow at a fast pace, chasing after Google, who is in the lead by a large margin.

Do you think the friend details feature is important? Did you notice that it was missing?