‘Facebook for Every Phone’ becomes first page to surpass 100M Likes

Facebook for Every Phone,” the official page for Facebook’s feature phone application has become the first page on the social network to surpass 100 million Likes, according to our PageData tracking service.

What’s more, the page only seems to have been created five months ago, and it already has more than 33 million more Likes than the No. 2 page on the social network. That would be “Facebook,” the official community page for the site. After passing 100 million Likes on Sunday, the Facebook for Every Phone page is already up to more than 101.7 million total Likes.

Facebook for Every Phone is a native mobile app compatible with more than 3,600 different Java-enabled feature phones. The growth of the app’s community page is an indication of how many of the social network’s mobile users are on feature phones. Facebook for Every Phone users are given the option to Like the page when they first log in to the app, a company spokesperson told us in April.

Based on an analysis using the Facebook ad tool, we estimate there are about 95 million active feature phone users on the social network. Facebook does not indicate whether these are monthly active users or people who have downloaded or used the app within a longer timespan.

At the Social-Loco conference in San Francisco on Monday, Facebook Head of Mobile Partnerships Emily White said that 90 percent of users in Africa use a mobile phone. Many of these are are likely to be using the Facebook for Every Phone App. India is another country with a large population of feature phone users. White said that 30 percent of users in India are now registering for the site through mobile phones, suggesting they are mobile-only users.

Mobile-only users are typically feature phone users who do not have computer access. Smartphone users tend to visit Facebook through their phones and computers. In a regulatory filing, Facebook estimated that about 83 million mobile monthly active users accessed the social network solely through its mobile apps or mobile website in March.

Facebook recently updated its feature phone app to allow users to interact with pages and check into locations. The company also added photo filter capabilities so users can make their camera phone photos black and white or sepia.

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