Facebook For Android Coming Soon, Leaked Photos Emerge

Around a week ago rumors surfaced that Facebook was in the process of developing a new application for the Android platform in conjunction with the developers at Google. Approximately three weeks ago I also confirmed from an extremely close source that an Android application was indeed under development. Today leaked images surfaced of the upcoming version of Facebook for the Android. With numerous Android handsets under development it was only a matter of time before an Android application was released.

Facebook on other mobile platforms have proven to be extremely popular. Facebook for iPhone has close to 4 million daily active users and almost 12 million monthly active users. Even more popular than the iPhone Facebook application is Facebook for Blackberry which currently has 4.57 million daily active users. All in Facebook has around 15 million daily mobile users and 30 million monthly users. With more than 250 million users Facebook has a lot of growth ahead on mobile platforms.

Android is poised to be the primary growth market over the next couple months. While I don’t have current statistics on Android use, the number of Android users is forecasted to grow dramatically over the next six months alone as multiple device manufactures leverage the new platform. While there has been ongoing tension between Facebook and Google, both companies recognize the benefit of building a Facebook application for the Android platform.

The Facebook application has become a selling point for mobile devices and Google wants to sell as many Android-enabled devices as possible. It will be interesting to see the new Android application once it’s rolled out. Do you have an Android device? Do you plan on purchasing one?

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