Facebook For Android Gets Video Uploading

Facebook has released a minor update to their Android app that adds the ability to upload videos from the phone. Facebook also says they made improvements to the newsfeed as well as support for pages, but neither of these changes are obvious in my brief testing of the update this evening.

Video uploading is the main feature added in this release, and even that capability is not exactly obvious. The Facebook app retains the same camera button it had, but the upload dialog now has a video option. You have the ability to select a video already recorded and in the Gallery or capture a new video.

In my testing video recording worked as expected, once you tap the Capture a Video option the Android video app launches for you to record the video. After you tap to end the recording and indicate that that it is OK you return to the Facebook app where you complete a dialog to enter a title and description for the video. It did take several minutes to upload the video to Facebook over a WiFi connection.

When I read that Pages was added to the Android app, I expected to see a Pages icon added to the home screen, but that is not the case. Apparently the support for pages is buried in the newsfeed and basically amounts to being open pages within the app that are linked to within the newsfeed. Other improvements that Facebook might have made to the newsfeed are not obvious to me.