8 Most Useful Firefox Plugins For Facebook Users

Last week we discussed 5 Social sharing add-ons for Firefox and how you can use them to share links, news and updates with your network. Today we take at a look at specific Firefox add-ons that are built for the world’s largest social platform: Facebook. The open-source developer community at Firefox has built more than 170 of these add-ons for Facebook which are apparently also filling the gaps in Facebook’s features & functionality. For all Facebook & Firefox fans, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 most useful Firefox plugins.

Facebook Toolbar

This feature rich Facebook toolbar lets you access your favourite social networking site with ease and pops an alert whenever you receive a new message from your friends. It has quick links, photo upload function & its search-box makes it super easy to search for friends and you can also share a page from your profile. If you are one of those heavy Facebook addicts this add-on would certainly make life easier for you. You can install the Facebook Toolbar from here.

Boost for Firefox

As the name suggests, with the Boost Firefox add-on, you can completely enhance & customize your Facebook browsing experience. For e.g. it shows you a larger version of photos on doing a mouse-over, helps you to get rid of that silly ‘confirmation’ box when you poke a friend and also change the look-and-feel of your navigation bar skin.

Facebook Dislike

While you do not hesitate to click on the ‘Like’ button when you enjoy your friend’s status, there are some occasions when you think otherwise. This Firefox plug-in lets a user dislike feed stories or the news posted in fan pages. Although the visibility of dislike action is limited to the users who have installed this add-on, it has received immense popularity with over 586,034 downloads till date.

AdBlock Plus

Do you feel irritated by those big banner Facebook ads that appear in the side column? Thanks to the Adblock Plus plug-in, you can choose to now disable all the ads that you see in Facebook. There are two ways in which you can control the appearance of ads: By either enabling the filter subscription list which will block 99% of the ads or selectively disable the ads by doing a right-click on the ad and choosing the Adblock image option. While Adblock Plus may not be in compliance with Facebook’s Terms, it is an extremely popular plug-in and has been downloaded 68,924,364 times.


Yoono has been developed as a one stop hub to manage all your social networking hangouts. Using a single interface, you can send status update to multiple social networks. Multi-network focus doesn’t mean that there is less emphasis on Facebook. Yonoo for Facebook has a slick design, doesn’t consume your CPU memory and provides complete control over Facebook through the sidebar.


How many times have you felt like downloading your friend’s party album on Facebook and simply let it go because it is a time consuming process. The solution lies in FacePad with which you can download all pictures in the selected album by simply doing a right-click on the album and choosing ‘Download with FacePad’.

Firefox Universal Uploader

Firefox Universal Uploader which resembles a FTP (File transfer protocol) utility, helps you to upload multiple files in one go. You can manage multiple Facebook accounts and choose to upload a single file or an entire directory at once.

Firefox Facebook Video

While YouTube is the preferred public video sharing platform, many of us Facebook for uploading our personal videos. To manage the video downloading hassles, Firefox Facebook Video plug-in can be used. With it you can download videos, convert them to different file formats and embed them outside Facebook.

Are you a Firefox fan ? Do you use a Facebook extension which is missing from the above list?

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