Facebook Finally Adds Commenting to Wall Posts

When Facebook added commenting to users’ shared items, the feature instantly took off. The only problem with the feature was that it practically made wall posts obsolete. Replying to one of your friends’ wall posts required a deeper time investment (at least a few seconds). Thankfully Facebook has updated the feature so that you can now reply to wall posts directly from your profile or wherever the wall post is written.

Interestingly, a comment which is posted in response to another wall post does not become another wall post. It makes sense but definitely makes the “Wall-to-Wall” feature a bit more confusing (are you confused yet?). The one area where the wall comments have not yet been upgraded is on public profiles. If a user posts on the wall, you cannot reply via a comment yet.
I’m assuming that this will be updated in a matter of days but it’s definitely a welcomed update. Facebook is known for constantly refining their products through small adjustments and this one was a major adjustment as far as I’m concerned. Were you getting annoyed with the “Wall-to-Wall” feature or was that just me? What other features do you want Facebook to update?