5 Tips For Launching Multiple Facebook Fan Pages

Launching multiple Facebook Fan Pages can be stressful. So many moving parts, so much opportunity for failure.

Once you get your head around exactly how many Facebook Fan Pages you need, stress can turn into genuine fear.

Before it gets to that, take a step back and breathe. While your company may have a lot of pages that need to be launched, they don’t all need to be done right away.

Here are five tips for how to successfully launch multiple Facebook Fan Pages:

Plan it out. Before you begin creating content and posting it to Facebook pages, develop a project timeline. Building one will bring some sanity to the planning and launching of different Facebook Fan Pages, and allow you to budget appropriate amounts of time to meet with relevant stakeholders, if necessary. Be sure to give yourself a realistic amount of time to launch each Fan Page. If an unrealistic project timeline is given to you by someone else, you must tell them early. Otherwise, you set yourself up for failure if you aren’t able to deliver.

Show people the ropes. If you are overseeing a large social media community, you will not be able to maintain every profile on your own. So, you will need to train people to maintain pages. You will come to rely on those people more as the social media community grows. This training time should be built into the project timeline to ensure that you don’t run off schedule.

Have a “Plan B” in place. Odds are that the items listed in your project timeline are not the only things you have to accomplish in your job. If you get a sense early on that your original project timeline won’t work, draw up a second one with longer lead time so you can accommodate other tasks that come up. Resist the urge  to be Superman and stick to your original plan when it isn’t possible. The end result is that you may not launch in the time frame your boss expects, and this would reflect poorly on you.

Stay focused. Once you’ve written out your project timeline, you may realize that it goes on for a while. Resist the urge to launch additional pages at the same time, unless they directly relate to or are used in conjunction with the page that is on the launch schedule at that time. Each page requires your full attention at that time to ensure the launch is successful and that it is on the path of growth and relevancy.

Assess your progress. My rule of thumb is that a page’s strategy needs six months before it can be judged on its success or failure. Before the page is launched, a community is launched and content is published. A lot of the initial strategy is guesswork based on the success and failures of others in your industry. After three months of using the initial social media strategy, stand back and see how it’s going. Make the necessary tweaks and set that modified strategy into place for another three months. At the end of the second three-month period, you will have a much better understanding of the viability of that community. Every page you launch should have an assessment period built into the project timeline.

Photo credit: stephendepolo/Flickr