Facebook Faces More Legal Trouble

Facebook is under attack again after a lawsuit was filed against Facebook on Monday in a San Jose federal court for sending unsolicited text messages to users. According to Lindsey Abrams, “the messages included explicit language and unsettling remarks, according to Abrams’ civil complaint. She alleges she was charged 10 cents per message and told she couldn’t block the Facebook texting without cutting off notes she wanted to receive.” As stated in the report,

The lawsuit, which her lawyer will seek to have certified as a class action, contends other consumers with recycled phone numbers have been besieged with unsolicited Facebook text messages containing party invitations and unwanted sexual advances.

Apparently a number of children have been receiving these messages as well. All of the messages that I have received have simply included a link that I am asked to click in order to view the content of each message. It is very likely that this is an accurate accusation though. This news comes on the heels of Facebook’s settlement with the New York Attorney General in which Facebook agreed to more stringent privacy policies.

The unwanted text messages are being sent to those that have recycled phone numbers. My guess is that Facebook will be forced to take precautionary steps to prevent this but it is hard to speculate about something that Facebook is not commenting on. Facebook has also been involved in some recent legal proceedings surrounding the competing ConnectU website which claims that Mark Zuckerberg stole their code to create the now popular Facebook website. As Facebook generates more buzz about their astronomical valuations, I would guess that we will continue to see more lawsuits filed against the social platform.

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