Facebook Extends Deadline For New User ID Solution

Developers now have more time to get into compliance with the new method for more securely and anonymously sharing user identifications.

Developers, you’ve got an extra month of wiggle room. Facebook has pushed back the deadline for compliance with the improved way of sharing user identification until January 31, 2011.

Facebook had revised its proposed solution late last month to incorporate feedback from the developer community. No further changes have gone into the method for securely and anonymously sharing user IDs.

The social network acknowledges that many developers already comply with these new method, but it becomes mandatory for all of the applications on Facebook by the end of next month.

To make this adoption easier, Facebook now enables developers to obtain a user’s ID with an application’s token in FQL. Third-party programmers won’t have to save bulky maps of people’s IDs this way.

Here’s how to use an applications access token to retrieve a user ID securely and anonymously:

That returns the application’s access token. Use that to query for a user ID with the given third party ID:

Developers, where are you in the process of implementing this new method? What are your expectations about how the user ID sharing will protect privacy better?