Facebook expands test of FBX ads in desktop News Feed

Facebook today announced that it is opening desktop News Feed inventory to more Facebook Exchange partners.

This will allow businesses to retarget Facebook users who visited their websites with Page Post Link ads in the News Feed, instead of with small ads in the right hand column. News Feed ads typically have much higher clickthrough rates than sidebar ads. Facebook had been testing this with a few demand side platforms (DSPs) Nanigans, Mediamath and Tellapart since late March and said the test was successful.

Now all “Qualified DSPs” have beta access and can create News Feed-based FBX campaigns for their customers. FBX retargeting ads are still not eligible for mobile, however.

The ads will appear in the News Feed the same as any other page post ad or Promoted Post bought through Facebook’s internal platform. Users will not be able to differentiate if the ads were purchased through the FBX or Facebook’s internal platform. Like previous FBX ads, Facebook’s format places a number of restrictions on creative, where advertisers might be used to more dynamic rich media ads on other exchanges. However, the new format introduces options for users to Like, share or comment on an ad, whereas previously users could only click on the ad and be taken to a third-party site.

Because this ad type uses Page Post Link ads, businesses can use “unpublished posts” to test and optimize different creative options. However, realtime dynamic creative is not available for this format. An example Page Post Link ad is below.