Facebook expanding Graph Search to all U.S. English users, working on mobile version

Graph Search, what Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg called the third pillar of Facebook, is rolling out to more users. The company announced Monday that the beta version of Graph Search, which allows users to search for things throughout their social graph, will be available within the next few weeks to all users who view Facebook in U.S. English.

Facebook also noted that it has started working on a mobile version of Graph Search, as well as a way for people to search posts and comments.

The company has improved privacy controls, so users have better control over what data of theirs is accessible via Graph Search — a major sticking point for many people.

Facebook noted in a Newsroom blog post that feedback from early Graph Search users has made the product faster (both at suggesting searches and displaying results), better at understanding queries, better at showing relevant results, and easier to see and use.

As U.S. English Facebook users start getting access to Graph Search, they will be prompted to review the privacy settings of their content.

Facebook explained what privacy means for Graph Search:

Graph Search results are personalized and unique for everyone, based on what has been shared with them. For example, if you search for “Photos of San Francisco,” you’ll see photos your friends took there and shared with you, as well as Public photos. This means if someone else does the same search, they’re going to see different results because they have different friends, and different photos have been shared with them.

Readers: If you have Graph Search, what do you think of it so far?