Facebook Expands Event Mapping Features

For a while now, Facebook has enabled users to include a link to event locations via Google Maps. At some point in the past few days Facebook expanded the mapping functionality to now include Mapquest, Microsoft maps and Yahoo maps. Why did they decide to expand the mapping functionality? No word but I would guess that at a minimum Microsoft wanted to be included. Given that they are one of the largest investors in Facebook (largest in terms of dollar amount) they definitely have some sway when it comes to changes to the site.

Facebook’s events feature is now the most popular events feature on the entire internet, attracting more traffic then e-Vite and competing event websites. Maps are a critical feature for any event registration utility and it’s great to see Facebook add a few more features. Facebook continues to make minor changes on a regular basis. While I know a number of people would like to see a few big changes (including message search functionality), at least Facebook is continuously refining their product.

This is the second big change that we’ve posted about today. While Mike Arrington claims that Facebook will be removing the 5,000 friend limit soon, one source who spoke with Mark Zuckerberg last week told me that they aren’t removing the friend limit anytime soon. Whether or not the friend limit will be increased, at least Facebook continues to make changes which improve the overall user experience.

Do you like these new mapping features? Are there any other things that you think should be added to Facebook events? Thanks to Boris Silver of Sport Interactiva for giving us the heads up!

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