Facebook Expands Ad Conversion Tracking Beta Test

We’ve been receiving messages from users over the past 24 hours that they’ve been granted access to Facebook ad conversion beta test. Last month we covered the beta testing of the Facebook ad conversion tracking tool and now we have access to the implementation guide that Facebook is providing advertisers with.

There are three things that advertisers can keep track of: a user taking some action (the system simply tracks a page load as a conversion), a tag conversion value, and a SKU code. Rather than providing the type of conversion funnel tracking provided through Google Analytics, Facebook is recommending that advertisers use a series of SKU codes for each page on your site.

In other words you will need to do some extensive customization if you want to track the user’s navigation patterns prior to them converting. For any advertiser spending more than a couple hundred dollars on Facebook advertising, being able to track conversions is critical. Ultimately Google Analytics can still be used to track a lot of the conversions thanks to custom variables and the product’s funnels and goals services (learn more here).

While we don’t know Facebook’s official timeframe for rolling out conversion tracking for all users, it’s clear that they want to make this service widely available as soon as possible. The more tools they can provide to advertisers, the more likely advertisers will spend money on their platform. Below is a sample ad conversion tracking report and Facebook’s implementation guide for the product.

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