Facebook Event Guest Lists Become PDF Files

Guestlistgen automatic creates a guest list from a Facebook event.

Pardon me, sir: Are you on the guest list? Guestlistgen can help to make that question easy to answer.

Guestlistgen was created by Ken Lynggaard, who described it as “a new little site that automatically creates a guest list from a Facebook event.”

Users can go to the site and enter the title of the event and the Facebook event ID in the provided boxes, and Guestlistgen will generate a PDF file containing the guest list for the event.

Now, there other ways to mine data from Facebook event guest lists, but not in formats as user-friendly as PDF.

For example, a user posted the following question on Quora: “How can one export a Facebook event’s guest list?” The response, from self-described “developreneur” Neil Mansilla:

Login to Facebook, then go to the API docs here. Go down to the link that talks about fetching list of attendees for the Facebook Developer Garage, and click. Now, if you replace that object ID with another event’s object ID (e.g., Quora Party at Terra # 140760122619709), you can see that public event’s attendee list. The data will be in JSON format. With a few whacks, you should be able to cram that into Excel without any problem. 😉 Good luck.

Guestlistgen apparently eliminates the need for those “few whacks.”

Readers, have you been searching for a tool to help manage the guest lists for your Facebook events?