Facebook Enters Twitter Territory

On Monday I made a list of suggestions for Facebook. One of those suggestions was that Facebook integrates Twitter functionality into their site. As of today you can now update your status via text message. While you there isn’t currently reply functionality built in as there is with Twitter, this is one step toward total Twitter functionality.

My guess is that we will see full blown Twitter functionality built into Facebook in the near future. The reality is that Twitter has yet to cross into the mainstream but the benefit of using Twitter is unquestionable. That’s why Facebook should take the same service and bring it to the masses overnight. I already have friends replying to my status updates on my wall. We are only steps away from them replying via my feed and via their own status.

While I’m not quite sure how Facebook can quickly duplicate Twitter functionality in their site without breaking the status updates and letting people use statuses as two-way communication, I think that the people at Facebook can quickly figure out a solution. Would you stop using Twitter in exchange for Facebook? Do you think Facebook can bring
Twitter functionality to the masses?

I think I may have jumped the gun on this one. It appears that you could always update via SMS.