Facebook's Best Liked And Most Commented On Pages

Occupying the first three positions in our Facebook engagement rankings, religion continues to elicit more likes and comments than any other type of page.

Occupying the first three positions in our Facebook engagement rankings, religion continues to elicit more likes and comments than any other type of page.

Name Fans Interactions
1. Jesus Daily 9,843,282 3,774,532
2. The Bible 8,287,100 1,454,124
3. Dios Es Bueno! 4,501,134 1,385,467
4. Justin Bieber 37,001,265 1,330,059
5. Real Madrid C.F. 20,721,485 1,182,868
6. Manchester United 20,203,316 995,749
7. Mario Teguh 4,960,571 936,541
8. Texas Hold’em Poker 51,850,616 719,293
9. ILoveAllaah.com 6,530,472 717,771
10. Joyce Meyer Ministries 1,617,475 645,851
11. Jesus Christ 3,181,691 542,492
12. Mehmetcik 2,511,023 539,095
13. Barack Obama 23,752,307 493,808
14. MTV Roadies 3,223,373 487,923
15. Drake 20,355,800 464,463
16. Revnuevo de Plenitud 2,212,173 420,962
17. FC Barcelona 21,857,979 401,593
18. WWE 6,869,311 386,001
19. I’m a Muslim & I’m Proud 6,503,474 362,174
20. I’m Proud To Be Christian 2,991,556 356,252


Jesus Daily continues to hold the top position, this week garnering 3,774,532 interactions.

In second and third respectively, The Bible and Dios Es Bueno both take a positive step forward. The first collects 1,454,124 interactions, the latter gets 1,385,467.

One of the Islamic alternatives rebounds this time in the pursuit of a growing fan bases. Advancing two places to ninth, ILoveAllaah.com welcomes 717,771 likes and comments. I’m a Muslim & I’m Proud loses steam and falls three positions to 19th; 362,174 interactions keep the page on the engagement rankings.

Continuing in its usual social media direction, Joyce Meyer Ministries sees a steady 645,851 total that has it once again cutting the countdown in half. Kicking off the second half, Jesus Christ advances by three and tallies 542,492 interactions.

Newcomer Revnuevo de Plenitud makes a first time appearance in the 16th spot with 420,962 interactions. Returning by enticing an engagement total of 356,252, I’m Proud To Be Christian climbs into the final spot on the countdown.


Crazed fans on Justin Bieber‘s page have quieted down this time; 1,330,059 commenters leave the page settling for fourth.

Drake is regularly found not too far in the distance from the top twenty engaging competitors. His birthday – and an announcement that he has finished recording his new album – plays a role in making the cut for the first time in the 15th positon; 464,463 likes and comments went up on his page this week.


Positive game updates – meaning when the team is actually winning – with score updates and key plays play a pivotal role in Real Madrid C.F. leading the pack of European sports teams. The club moves one place forward to fifth garnering 1,182,868 likes and comments.

Also moving up one place to sixth, Manchester United puts another check in the win column both on the field and our countdown. It is a 995,749 seven day finish for the team. It will be interesting to see if FC Barcelona can muster a comeback in the coming weeks by continuing to win on the field. For now, the page is dangling from 17th after a decreasing 401,593 interaction total leaves it slipping by five.

WWE‘s presence on the social network seems slightly overbearing with so many daily updates, but 386,001 contributions to the discussion serve to prove me wrong in this case – a 18th position comeback.


Adding a “Fan of the week” feature to their free social media campaign aids in Texas Hold’em Poker hanging on in eighth enticing 719,293 voices to join the conversation.


Slipping two more places, Mario Teguh places lower than usual in seventh with a diminishing 936,541 interaction total. Turkey’s Mehmetcik moves in the opposite direction, and an increasing 539,095 engagement figure ranks it in the 12th position.

“MTV Roadies” is slowly finding itself losing ground; 487,923 comments has it settling for 14th.


Students loans and the upcoming campaign updates are focal points that Barack Obama‘s social media team are focusing since last Monday; 493,808 posts gives the page a noteworthy return in 13th.

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