Facebook's Most Engaging Pages Are Religious Ones

No page can keep up with Jesus Daily's engagement rates, although some other religion pages are faring well.

No page can keep up with Jesus Daily’s engagement rates, although some other religion pages are faring well.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily10,048,1243,516,350
2. Dios Es Bueno4,553,9461,749,860
3. Justin Bieber37,179,8961,627,166
4. The Bible8,304,4741,438,354
5. Mario Teguh4,996,6791,044,684
6. Real Madrid C.F.21,122,024961,928
7. Manchester United20,261,852712,822
8. Joyce Meyer Ministries1,631,416679,429
9. Lady Gaga44,787,252675,830
10. Texas Hold’em Poker52,216,809599,826
11. Renuevo de Plenitud2,324,136584,195
12. ILoveAllaah.com6,547,546506,917
13. MTV Roadies3,246,125498,801
14. Barack Obama23,907,536497,996
15. FC Barcelona22,095,859452,574
16. Jesus Christ3,200,478393,365
17. I’m a Muslim & I’m Proud6,520,447380,616
18. Arsenal7,899,920371,956
19. GodVine1,535,469359,333
20. Amr Khaled3,476,881349,845


Jesus Daily leads off the countdown, accumulating 3,516,350 interactions. Dios Es Bueno is on its heals with 1,749,860 likes and comments.

Moving back just one notch, The Bible ranks in third picking up a 1,438,354 weekly total. Proving that simple updates are better once again, Joyce Meyer Ministries advances to eighth engaging an audience of 679,429 social networkers.

Making its second appearance kicking off the second half of the countdown, Renuevo de Plenitud has a 584,195 finish.

Slipping three spots, ILoveAllaah.com loses its momentum as it tallies a diminishing 506,917 finish. Removing itself from its dangling status last week, Im a Muslim & Im Proud rebounds with a 380,616 two place improvement in 17th.

Taking a hard fall in 16th place, Jesus Christ can only muster 393,365 interactions. Placing in 19th for the first time, GodVine entices a 359,333 engagement total.


The drama in Justin Bieber‘s personal life makes its way into the young pop star’s social media presence; 1,627,166 interactions places him a single position forward in third.

A new single helps Lady Gaga amass a 675,830 comeback total – a ninth place week.


Showing signs of improving interactivity totals, Mario Teguh ranks in fifth with the help of 1,044,684 likers. India’s “MTV Roadies” is still a social media phenomenon, and this time the page climbs one place forward to the 13th position amassing 498,801 commenters.

Egypt’s own Amr Khaled has a rather straightforward approach on Facebook. By creating events and combining picture and text updates, the television figure closes out the countdown tallying 349,845 posters.


Engagement continues to look positive for the European football teams on the social network.

Real Madrid C.F comes off a noteworthy victory on the field – and their star forward Cristiano Ronaldo is the recent recipient of an award that will likely propel the team forward in coming weeks – that helps them etch the sixth position with a 961,928 interaction total.

Manchester United is playing steady defense that keeps it close by the frontrunner of the trend in seventh and ends the week by persuading a 712,822 sports talk total. Although the team may still be stuck in the back half of the countdown, FC Barcelona shows signs of progression as 452,574 voices in the conversation push the page two steps forward to the 15th spot.

Following a similar social media outline in comparison to other teams in the league, London’s Arsenal succeeds in making the cut and sees 371,956 participants in the discussion.


Zynga again sees a buzzing showing for their long-standing game Texas Hold’em Poker found in 13th place; 599,826 voices reach out in the hope of winning free goodies to enhance their gaming experience.


With the election officially just one year away, it will be interesting to look at Barack Obama‘s placement in the coming week. For now, the president ranks in 14th – a one place decrease – welcoming 497,996 voices to the conversation.

If you want to measure interactions on your own page and compare them to others, take a look at AllFacebook Stats, which allows you to track and compare your pages in different dimensions. The tool is available in a free version, along with multiple business packages.

Readers, which pages have you engaged with this week.