Facebook Engagement Pointers For All Campaigns

Here's four pointers on engagement from the Facebook U.S. Politics page.

Facebook’s U.S. Politics page offers advice that all types of page administrators can benefit from, not just those that are working the social networking platform during the 2012 election cycle.

Here’s four pointers on engagement from the Facebook U.S. Politics page.

Speak With An Authentic Voice

Let’s face it, candidates are posting to Facebook as much as their staffs. That’s why it’s important for candidate’s to go online and check out what is being said on their page.

Add original content–not just press releases–and review the comments supporters are making.

Integrate Facebook Into Everything

Leverage third-party applications, social plug-ins and advertisements to make it easy for voters to find a page.

Put your Facebook URL on any campaign materials and television ads. Livestream town halls or and take questions from the audience online.

Hold Two-Way Conversations

The best thing a campaign can do is engage with people on Facebook. Ask questions, encourage voters to share their opinion and join your campaign.

Measure Success

Facebook insights, available for every Facebook page, provides a range of data that demonstrates how fans are engaging with your page and ads.

Would you use any of these tips for your Facebook page?

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