Religion Starts 2012 As Facebook's Top Engaging Trend

Religious pages continue to have the most engagement on Facebook.

Religious pages continue to have the most engagement on Facebook.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily10,726,9664,981,281
2. Dios Es Bueno!4,912,6261,788,648
3. The Bible8,407,3651,322,690
4. Mario Teguh5,261,5081,175,029
5. Justin Bieber38,638,570927,734
6. Kevin Hart4,225,648908,773
7. ILoveAllaah.com6,666,775672,219
8. Lady Gaga45,971,939669,415
9. Joyce Meyer Ministries1,752,464664,375
10. Terima Kasih Ibu2,886,946642,979
11. Jesus Christ3,346,939639,261
12. Manchester United21,022,398639,240
13. Werevertumorro3,074,750582,963
14. Im a Muslim & Im Proud6,664,356561,892
15. “MTV Roadies”3,422,159498,527
16. Real Madrid C.F.22,641,117488,295
17. Luciano Huck4,635,492467,729
18. Buddy The Elf8,828,736446,934
19. Lil Wayne33,255,715442,179
20. Texas Hold’em Poker54,632,660427,800


With just under five million interactions, Jesus Daily kicks off the year engaging 46 percent of the page’s audience. Maintaining a successful lead in second, Dios Es Bueno tallies 1,788,648 comments and “likes.” The Bible takes over the third position collecting over 1.3 million likes and comments.

Two Islamic pages, both regulars to the list, end the week with successful totals. is now in seventh after a 672,219 week, a two-place improvement.

Returning to the rankings in ninth, I’m a Muslim & I’m Proud amasses a 561,892 comeback in interactions.

Joyce Meyer Ministries engages a smaller 36 percent of their overall fan bases; 664,375 conversing social networkers place the organization in ninth.

Propelling forward to 11th, this main page for Jesus Christ kicks off the second half of the countdown engaging an audience of 639,261 likes and comments.


Overall, the international trend – those pages that regularly total massive engagement statistics from around the globe – take the hardest hit to start 2012.

Though 1.1 million posters isn’t too distant from Mario Teguh‘s previous total, the smaller finish ousts the inspirational speaker from third to fourth place. Indonesia’s Terima Kasih Ibu cuts the countdown in half after a declining 642,979 engagement total.

Also losing steam, Werevertumorro is in 13th amassing 582,963 likes and comments. “MTV Roadies” slowly begins to climb the rankings once again in light of the approaching new season; a 498,527 interactivity total places the page in the 16th spot.

South American television personality Luciano Huck engages an audience of 467,729 likes and comments, for a 17th position finish.


Upcoming releases, regular updates, and event dates are large reasons for the continually improving placement for Kevin Hart; 908,773 interactions push the comedian forward to sixth place.

Taking over a number of network television channels, it was almost impossible to avoid Will Ferrell’s amusing holiday film Buddy The Elf. On Facebook, the newcomer ranks in 18th ending with 446,934 interactions.


It’s another fifth place finish for Justin Bieber; 927,734 interactions help the pop star achieve another successful week. A new unreleased song, with a less than appropriate title, contributes to Lady Gaga‘s 669,415 interactions that place her in the eighth spot.

Proving to be an exception to the rule that content needs to be differentiated between Facebook and Twitter, Lil Wayne returns in 19th place after a 442,179 engagement total.


European football matches return this week, and it is expected to have a positive impact on the future of this trend. In the 12th and 16th spots respectively, Manchester United ends with 639,240 sports chatters while Real Madrid C.F totals 488,295 interactions.


Speaking in broad totals, Texas Hold’em Poker‘s 427,800 interactions equates to only .78 percent of the page’s total audience engaged in the content posted – a 20th position end.

Readers, where are you chatting on Facebook’s top engaging pages?

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