Facebook ends Reach Generator program in favor of Promoted Posts product

Facebook has ended the Reach Generator program for premium advertisers less than seven months since it was announced at fMC, a company spokesperson confirms.

Reach Generator allowed advertisers to pay Facebook on an ongoing basis, as opposed to a CPC or CPM basis, to sponsor their page posts and guarantee a 75 percent reach of the page’s fanbase over a month-long period. Posts might appear within the feed or in the sidebar. The company is focusing instead on its Promoted Posts product, which is not limited to premium advertisers.

“We are simplifying our offerings for advertisers, who can now achieve reach goals through Promoted Posts, a recently launched product which gives businesses the increased flexibility to hand-select and boost posts in the News Feed,” a Facebook spokesperson said.


As a premium offering, Reach Generator required advertisers to work with Facebook directly. Costs were determined by the size of the page and were likely higher than what it would cost to reach the same number of people through non-premium placements. However, when the Reach Generator program was announced in February, it was harder for pages to reach additional fans through the feed.

Since then, the social network has opened up opportunities for pages to reach users more effectively. These options allow companies to achieve the same goals that Reach Generator was intended for without requiring Facebook to dedicate additional resources toward managed services.

In June, advertisers gained the ability to control whether their ads appear in the desktop or mobile feed. Ads API partners are able to use this and fine-tune campaigns so that creative and audience segmentation can be optimized. Plus, many advertisers prefer paying on a cost per click basis than a set monthly fee like Reach Generator offered.

Facebook also recently introduced Promoted Posts for pages with more than 400 Likes. This makes it easier for pages to increase the reach of their posts without going through the ad dashboard. Initially Promoted Posts were only available for pages with fewer than 100,000 Likes, but that has changed in the past month. Like Reach Generator, Promoted Posts ask advertisers to pay a set fee to reach a portion of their existing audience. Promoted Posts also reach the friends of fans who Like, share or comment on a page post. We’ve seen different costs for different pages so there does not seem to be much transparency about the pricing at this stage. It’s likely that Facebook is still testing different price points.

Facebook will continue to support currently running campaigns, but will no longer accept new insertion orders or renewals for Reach Generator.