Facebook Enables SMS Status Update for Public Profiles

Although status updates through SMS has already been active for personal profiles in Facebook, it is only now that Facebook is activating this feature for public pages – such businesses, brands and celebrity Facebook profiles. Unfortunately, SMS update works only for selected mobile carriers in Canada and the U.S., so for people like us in the Asian region, updating of our Facebook status via our mobile phones can either be done through the Facebook mobile phone interface.For active celebrity profiles, this could boost their popularity on Facebook as they can update their fans and followers about their whereabouts anytime. For brands and business this could also be useful if they want to beat their competitors in breaking out product developments, industry news, innovations and other relevant information, posted as Facebook status updates.
So, if you are maintaining a Facebook public profile and you want to activate this feature, just click on the Edit Profile link under your profile picture, edit your mobile settings, enter your phone number, wait for the confirmation code to be sent on your mobile phone, confirm it right away and you can start updating your Facebook public profiles via SMS.
This feature currently works for mobile accounts with certain carriers in the US, Canada, UK, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Maldives are supported at this time.
To bad it is not yet available in my area. Facebook is definitely losing some good mileage by not activating this feature with our local mobile carrier. This could be a great opportunity especially now that Facebook is gaining popularity here in the country where I am right now. And with SMS as major form of communication, this would be a good add-on for Facebook.