Facebook enables mobile app installs direct from News Feed, offers developers more customization and reporting

Facebook today announced changes to its mobile app install ad unit, including a way for iOS 6 users to download apps without leaving the social network. Developers also gained new tools for customizing their ad creative and seeing the results of their campaign.

Mobile app install ads, launched in October after beginning in beta in August, are feed-based ads to drive downloads of third-party iOS and Android applications. Developers can use the same demographic and interest-based targeting options as they can for other ads on the Facebook platform, including being able to target users who have not already connected with an app.

Typically these ads lead to the Apple App Store or Google Play, but now Facebook has created a way for iOS 6 users to see an App Store overlay within the Facebook app. These users can download a developer’s app without losing their place in News Feed. For now, Android users will still be taken out of the app and into Google Play.

Facebook has also added a way for developers to customize their ads directly from the app dashboard, as well as through Power Editor or the Ads API. Developers can select an image and write their own copy to promote their app. Previously, these elements were automatically pulled from an app’s detail page.

Developers can also view new insights about their mobile app install campaigns and organic efforts. New charts in the app insights dashboard show developers a demographic breakdown of all their app installs on mobile.

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