Facebook-Enabled Bejeweled Blitz Coming To The iPhone

Can’t get enough of Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook? Now you won’t have to sit at your computer to play one of the most addictive Facebook games. According to Games.com, the service will soon be released for the iPhone via a free update to the already popular Bejeweled 2 iPhone application. Now you can feed your already damaging Bejeweled Blitz addiction on the go!

At this point the application update is only a matter of Apple’s approval which we are eagerly anticipating. While we’ve known that the Bejeweled Blitz application for the iPhone was in the works for some time now, it’s taken a few months for the game to make the shift to the mobile platform. We’d expect to see this trend continue as other social games become available to consumers as they’re on the go.

At this point a large percentage of the top performing iPhone games have already implemented Facebook Connect to enable users to share their scores with their friends. Playfish, who was acquired by Electronic Arts today, has an iPhone version of their popular game “Who Has The Biggest Brain?”

Zynga has also released an iPhone version of their popular Texas Hold’em game, however neither company has been heavily focused on the iPhone as they both continue to experience impressive growth on the Facebook Platform. For those of you looking to play Bejeweled Blitz on the iPhone you can grab the Bejeweled 2 application and wait for the free update to go live soon.

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