Facebook Employees Prepare to Cash Out

Yesterday Valleywag got a scoop that Facebook employees who have stock options will now be able to sell out on November 1st. Apparently the process will be through a stock buyback plan. There are a number of factors that contributed to this decision none of which we can speak definitively on. We definitely can speculate though!

One thing that Valleywag claims is that trying to sell shares outside of the company will have “career-limiting effects”. Following the announcement that Facebook employees could sell shares there were a number of investment banks and private investors that said employees had reached out to them to try to sell shares.

Facebook wants to control who is buying shares and this is a great way to do that. While employees could try to go outside the company to get a higher price per share, it will most likely be not worth the risk. Employees can sell up to 20 percent of their shares or $900,000, whichever is least, according to Valleywag. The countdown to the Facebook share sale day has started.

Are you trying to get in on the action? Unfortunately we don’t have any shares we can sell you so you may want to try contacting Facebook instead 🙂

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