Rumor: Facebook Employees Are Modifying User Profiles

According to a Valleywag post from yesterday, a Facebook employee reportedly modified a user’s profile picture to a graphic image after looking up her password and logging into her account. In a follow-up post, Nicholas Carlson has published a copy of his inquiry to the named Facebook employee and the response he received.

If there is any proof of this taking place, the Facebook employee should be fired. Last month I wrote about Facebook employees have unrestricted access to the Facebook database and can modify items within the database freely. Since then, Valleywag posted another article on this topic. Valleywag has alluded to the issue being a company filled with “angsty, hormone-riddled” youngsters having complete access to anybody’s profile.

While that’s a moot point given that this would still be an issue even if all the employees were “mature adults,” the issue remains that Facebook employees have complete access to anyone’s profile. Personally, I don’t want to mention the name of the employee given that I am now completely dependent on Facebook and I might risk having my profile shut down after being accused of a terms of service violation (as the Valleywag reporter did). One thing is for sure: Facebook is going to need to develop more stringent internal policies if they are going to expand into the multi-billion dollar company that many are expecting them too.

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