Facebook Embraces Antivirus, Faces Protesters | WordPress Is a Powerhouse

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Announcing the Facebook Antivirus Marketplace (Facebook Newsroom)
We’re announcing the Antivirus Marketplace, developed with industry partners to enhance protection for people on Facebook. AllFacebook The Antivirus Marketplace features free downloads and six-month licenses from Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos and Symantec. GeekWire The social network says its URL blacklist — which aims to stop its users from accessing malicious sites from Facebook — will also now incorporate the databases of those companies. The Next Web To access the new protection tools, all you have to do is visit the Facebook Security Page and select from the options listed on the page.

Exclusive: Microsoft to Preview ‘Woodstock’ Xbox Music Service at E3 (The Verge)
Microsoft will offer a sneak peek at its Zune replacement during E3 2012, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans. The new music service, codenamed Woodstock, will continue Microsoft’s shift away from the Zune brand towards the well known Xbox one. Insiders have revealed to us that Woodstock will be a cross-platform play, available to Windows 8, Android, iOS, and Xbox users — playable from a browser. Joystiq The report calls the service “Spotify-like,” with Facebook integration intended to allow collaboration on playlists and let users share tracks between libraries. Gizmodo Microsoft shoving its way into entertainment isn’t anything new—the Xbox is basically its Apple TV at this point—but the timing of the launch would be pretty symbolic: Instead of running out new gaming hardware at E3, Microsoft’s got a music streaming service.

Automattic Grows Up: The Company Behind WordPress.com Shares Revenue Numbers and Hires Execs (AllThingsD)
Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, is a quiet Web powerhouse. WordPress now powers 70 million sites, up from 35 million sites a year ago. Almost half of the biggest blogs in the world are hosted by WordPress.com or run on their own versions of the open-source WordPress platform. TechCrunch Automattic is profitable and on track to make $45 million in revenue this year. Matt Mullenweg We’ve been on a hiring roll the past month or two with excellent folks joining at every level of the company. If you’re passionate about Open Source and making the web a better place, like we are, there’s never been a better time to join.

Flickr Gets a New Slick HTML5 Uploader, Supporting Files Up to 50 MB (The Next Web)
Flickr tells us that you can upload larger files with the new tool. The maximum file size gets a bump up to 50 MB for Flickr Pro users, and free users can go up to 30 MB. Adding files is also easier, as you can simply drag and drop into the interface. Cnet Flickr, faced with competition from Facebook, the Google+-infused Picasa and upstarts such as 500px, has figured out that it can’t be complacent if it wants to preserve its pioneering place in the photo-sharing world. “2012 is the year when we’re going to quite fundamentally enhance the product,” said Flickr director Markus Spiering.

Yammer Launches New Features [Video] (SocialTimes)
Yammer, the enterprise social network meant to help your organization communicate better with one another, has introduced a few new features to their service that will help people work together, search through their documents and more. The services are part of Yammer’s “Spring Release” and are meant to enhance Yammer to a point where it is more effective than corporate intranets.

Facebook All But Ignores Protesters at New York Headquarters (SocialTimes)
The handful of protesters that gathered in front of Facebook’s office on Madison Avenue at noon was disappointed when the company refused to accept a petition signed by 53,000 users asking the company to include women on its board of directors. AllFacebook The group pointed out that 58 percent of Facebook users are women, and they are responsible for 62 percent of sharing on the social network and 71 percent of daily fan activity.

Square Payment Pace Rises 25 percent in Niche Coveted by eBay (Bloomberg)
Square, founded in 2009, is processing transactions at an annualized rate of $5 billion, up from $4 billion a month ago, as more consumers embrace mobile payments, chief operating officer Keith Rabois said in an interview. GigaOM Square’s latest milestone still puts it behind PayPal, which is expecting to do $7 billion in mobile payment volume this year. And it’s still a far cry from $118.7 billion in net payment volume PayPal did last year. But with the way Square is growing, it could be on a much higher pace by the end of this year.

YouTube Up For a Webby For Social Change (The Daily Dot)
In recent years, YouTube has been a powerful tool for activists, helping to promote social causes, empower non-profits and fuel at least one revolution. And the 16th Annual Webby Awards have noticed, nominating the Google-owned video sharing site for the category of “People’s Special Achievement for Social Change,” alongside petition site Change.org, Kiva.org (Bill Clinton’s micro-lending global initiative), Twitter and Facebook.

58 Percent Of People Would Rather Give Up Social Networks Than Their TVs [INFOGRAPHIC] (AllTwitter)
A new study suggests that people still love their TVs more than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the rest, choosing to save the tube and ditch the networks if they had to.