Facebook Adds Global Photo Upload Via Email

Facebook previously enabled iPhone users among other users to email in their photos to have them uploaded but then the service was eventually disabled. As of today, anybody can email their photos to be uploaded to their Facebook profile via their personalized photo upload email. Everyone has their own email address which they can find via the Facebook mobile page. You can email as many photos as you’d like and all you need to do is enter a subject which will be used as the caption for the photos.

There are no upload restrictions on how many photos you upload, making this an extremely useful tool for uploading images. One strange component of the mobile email is that they are often hard to remember. My email resembles eltaik966time@m.facebook.com. So how will I remember that email address? I won’t, but thankfully I have the Facebook application on my iPhone to upload images and tag friends in them.

Many users have restrictions as to how they can send in messages and frequently email is the easiest way to do it, which makes this extremely useful. The easier it is for users to share, the more that Facebook is fulfilling its mission. I only wonder why Facebook opted not to let users use their username as their photo upload address (e.g. nickoneill@m.facebook.com). I can understand that it’s to limit who can upload the photos but couldn’t Facebook just accept uploads from verified addresses?

Either way, I’m sure that a lot of users will be happy about this new feature. If you’d like to learn more, go check out Facebook’s blog post about it.

The commenters are giving me a hard time and effectively explain why Facebook uses this form of authentication. Check out the comments for more information.

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