Now It’s Just Obama Versus Romney On Facebook

The battle between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney began on Facebook this week. Fireworks between the two started soon after former Senator Rick Santorum exited the race.

The battle between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney began on Facebook this week as the campaign shifted to the general election.

The busy week in presidential politics started when former Senator Rick Santorum dropped out of the race. He leaves with more than 189,000 Facebook fans and a final note to supporters on the social networking site that read: “Thanks for your support and for joining the fight to freedom.”

It didn’t take long for fireworks to start between the president and the former Massachusetts governor on Facebook, prompted by a remark by CNN contributor regarding Ann Romney’s choice to stay home and raise her sons, which launched a firestorm on both sides.

The Romney campaign didn’t take the comment lying down, responding on Facebook with with a fundraising appeal using the bumper sticker “Moms Drive the Economy.” He also linked to a Fox News television interview with the presumptive Republican nominees wife.

And in a direct shot at the president, Romney shared a post that read, “Under President Obama nearly 23 million Americans are struggling for work. Click like if you agree he should be a one term president.”

The president’s campaign launched their own appeal with an infographic reading “I’ve Got His Back” and 2012, which has been shared more than 114,000 times.

The president also used his promotion of the “The Buffett Rule” this week to take a dig against Romney’s wealth. The campaign’s infographic posted on Facebook includes a calculator where fans can add their income and get their tax rate.

The post is entitled, “Middle-class Americans shouldn’t pay a higher tax rate than millionaires like Mitt Romney.” To highlight the cause, President Obama’s timeline features a photo with the Omaha billionaire Buffett.

If Facebook fans are any indication of electoral support, Governor Romney might consider packing it in. the president has the advantage with more 25,934,147 likes compared to Governor Romney’s 1,584,931 likes on Facebook. But those numbers don’t count engagement.

So we’ll ask you about that, readers: Based on what you’re seeing on Facebook, which presidential candidate is running the most engaging campaign on social media thus far?

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