Facebook Drives More Video Traffic Than All But Google

Facebook continues to drive an increasing amount of video traffic, second only to Google.

Facebook has surpassed Yahoo in the amount of traffic sent to video destinations, although Google still has the lead in this regard.

This comes from a report by Brightcove and TubeMogul based on data what the two call aggregate media sites, meaning destinations that only have video content aren’t included.

Facebook accounted for 9.6 percent of all the traffic referrals to video destinations in the study, second only to Google, based on usage data culled from nearly 2,000 sites during the third quarter of this year.

Even with the data sourcing spelled out the beginning of the report, I still felt the need to ask the research purveyors to clarify why YouTube doesn’t come out on top of the rankings. Even though Google is the parent company, the video site still carries its own brand.

Brightcove Inbound Marketing Content Manager Sara Watson replied to my email query:

The report is based on Brightcove customer data, and by default that means non-YouTube player data, so YouTube traffic or referrals is not at all represented in this sample. The referral data is literally saying that of Brightcove’s sample media customers, more traffic is driven to those videos in Brightcove players from Facebook than from Yahoo now.

Now that Brightcove offers YouTube Sync product, we could potentially track YouTube referral traffic for customers using that feature in future reports, but that is not reflected at all in this data as that feature is brand new and was not used in Q3.

Of course, basing the findings on one’s own customers is hardly novel. But without knowing at least how many of them there are (we’ve asked, so stay tuned for an update), well, the otherwise bold findings in today’s report deflate a bit. However, I see great potential in a future study that would incorporate the YouTube Sync product.

Readers, what do you make of the assertion that Facebook drives more traffic to video content than Yahoo but not Google?