Facebook Experiencing Serious Downtime Issues

Want to browse Facebook to see what your friends are doing or to catch up on to harvest your farms on FarmVille? Good luck! Over the past 24 hours I’ve been receiving numerous emails from users reporting that many features on Facebook have been unavailable. I’ve also been experiencing problems. This morning I tried to load my friend requests page and it just failed. On the AllFacebook page I tried viewing comments and likes of one of the posts and an AJAX error popped up.

Facebook doesn’t appear to be the only site having issues however. Twitter has been down for the past 15 minutes and users are going crazy! One anonymous blogger told us “I can’t retweet my own articles so how the hell am I going to get readers to my site?” Woe is me my dear friend! Talk about problems going on in the world: Facebook can’t be accessed by a large portion of its users. The site is known for having great uptime but more recently as the site has surged past 250 million users, the company is facing new issues.

While I’m sure Facebook will quickly figure out a way to resolve the issues, many users have been complaining that the site has been slow for a long time now. Nobody ever said managing a site with 250 million users was easy! Are you experiencing issues with Facebook as well or are things running smoothly for you? Is now the time for users to run to Friendfeed without looking back?

The reason for the downtime was a DDoS attack which affected both Twitter and Facebook today. Everything appears to be back to normal.

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