How To Score Donations On Facebook

Charitable donations on Facebook are a click away, whether giving or receiving. Here are some tips.

Virtually raising money requires contributors and Facebook keeps it real… easy.

Approved charitable organizations can accept donations on their Facebook pages via Fundraise by Offerpop, which allows for customizable donations, assists in collecting donor information and generates real-time reports to download into Excel.

Transactions are processed through PayPal. The heavy lifting is done for you, in other words.

Another tried and true Facebook method is Causes, which offers a myriad of fundraising opportunities if you want to give to or receive for your favorite charity.

The whole premise is social, like everything other thing on Facebook — involving your friends, fans and voting interaction to raise funds for worthwhile causes.

Larger brands such as AT&T are conducting campaigns such as connect for good.

The phone giant is paying $2 to the Nature Conservancy for each user who takes a quiz regarding the best way to recycle cell phones.

It’s smart, because everything relates back to the brand and the product. The quiz invites takers to ask friends to the pledge party and AT&T in turn donates up to $60,000. The company is close to meeting its goal of 25,000 quiz-takers.

Of course, there are forums to further discuss connecting for good, an uplifting slogan again tying back to business.

Already, 500,000 causes have been created for users to pinpoint their favorite place to give.

Many organizations set up a cause and keep those who contribute abreast of how money is spent by keeping it transparent online by posting photos and synopses of where donations are utilized.

Live status updates post on other social media, as well, spreading the wealth so to speak.

Finally, donations made via Facebook trump those on Twitter and that some non-profits see as much as a third of their overall donation stemming from Facebook Causes.

Plus, because Facebook is all about friends, it’s more successful because people trust those they know over total strangers asking for a dollar.

For those setting up a cause, one online payment service indicates the best time to solicit donations is during the morning — the most effective time of day for raising money for good and easy as 1-2-3 for everyone to contribute to the collective consciousness.

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