Facebook Donates $40K to Apache Software Foundation

Facebook announced that it became a Gold sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation, donating $40,000 to the supporter of open-source software.

Senior open programs manager David Recordon discussed the social-networking site’s reliance on and commitment to open-source software in a post on the Facebook Developers Blog:

From the day Mark Zuckerberg started building Facebook in his Harvard dorm room in 2004, the site has been built on common open-source software such as Linux, Apache, memcached, MySQL and PHP. In that time, we’ve open-sourced more than 20 different technologies and scaled Facebook to reach more than 350 million people around the world. Today we are pleased to announce that we are becoming a Gold sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), which has been instrumental in fostering open-source adoption and providing structure to build successful open-source communities.

The ASF has more than 100 different projects that all help the Web grow as it continues to evolve. As (ASF chairman) Jim Jagielski said, “Sponsoring the ASF helps us to grow existing projects, incubate new initiatives, promote community development, host user events, expand our outreach and provide the infrastructure that keeps the Foundation running on a day-to-day basis.” Beyond funding the ASF to help the organization grow, we really want to continue focusing on building, releasing and fostering great open-source software that tackles hard scaling problems.