Facebook Doesn’t Understand How Humans Work

Not that understanding humans is easy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.10.55 AMFacebook execs quite possibly spend so much time inside a digital world that they have forgotten how the real world operates. We say this because in an effort to reduce bias in its Trending news section (pictured), the social giant has fired more than a dozen editors who worked on the feature.

The move comes a few months after reports emerged that Facebook editors who worked on the Trending section were routinely told to suppress articles from conservative media outlets. That was obviously a problem. But this mass firing is not a solution.

According to Quartz, Facebook plans to replace the fired editors with engineers who “will work to check that topics and articles surfaced by the algorithms are newsworthy.”

So… Facebook fired staffers because of their inherit bias so it could replace them with other staffers who have inherit bias. Brilliant.

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