How To Co-Author Documents On Facebook

Sure, you can write a status update that's as long as a chapter in a book, and people can comment on it to their heart's content, but the only way to co-author anything on Facebook is to do it using the documents feature within groups.

As if the ability to post a 60,000-character status update isn’t enough, Facebook users can also create text-only documents for sharing among groups, and collaborating on edits.

In order to do this, Facebook users can click on docs while in a group page, and then click on the “Create a Doc” button on the right-hand side.

When the document is saved, it appears in the feed for the group, along with an edit button and the option for group members to see revisions by clicking “Recent Changes.”

These instructions apply to group documents, and not Facebook Notes; said application only allows the person who creates a document to edit it, and once posted to your profile the item’s visibility is based on whatever privacy settings you assign, rather than defaulting to one specific group.

Readers: Do you think the ability to co-author documents in Facebook is a useful function?

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