Facebook Devs Ask for Help On Reddit — Get 750+ Comments

If you were to ask me to list a few of the most influential sites on the web right now, there’s no doubt that Reddit would be in the top 5.  While the sparse design of the site turns some away, the volume of traffic and quality posts as well as the smart comment sorting make it a hive of useful information and a source of endless humor.  As some Redditors’ lovingly refer to the population of the site, the ‘hive mind’ is like an anonymous group of millions of people, expressing their thoughts together.

That said, I’m starting to see companies and brands try to take advantage of the intelligent community, and like they always do, some Facebook developers have jumped on board.

One of the Facebook Developer teams, the one making the Android application, created a post where they asked Redditors to help provide feedback for the application.

We are the developers for the Facebook for Android app. We hope you’re all enjoying the 1.8.0 release! We’d like to once again ask you what we can do to make the application better.

Being an Android user myself, I’m glad to see the thread, and Reddit is a great forum in which to vent my frustrations and have them be echoed and responded to.  The Android application is notoriously slow and has a large drain on battery life, and if you look at the comments you’ll see that for some reason, the application is sucking 50% of processor usage even when the application is in the background.  Hopefully the Facebook team has the clout to make sure they address that bug pronto, and if they do, Reddit will have a class nerd-gasm, self applauding themselves and then promoting the new version of the App.