Facebook Developers Site Goes Down

Facebook has been having a few platform reliability issues over the past 48 hours, but the latest hits Facebook’s “Live Status” page which lets developers know the status of the platform. Navigating to the Live Status page currently returns an error which says “This webpage is not available.” While I’m sure Facebook is working to get the site back up quickly, it has been down for at least 10 minutes.

While there’s no information to suggest that the down time is related to the new homepage transition, it’s interesting that there are a number of issues plaguing Facebook right now. As many users have noticed, the homepage news feed occasionally shows up blank. The issues have been taking place ever since the new homepage transition started last Thursday, the day of Facebook’s sixth birthday.

We’ll be sure to update once we hear anything about the ongoing downtime issues.

Thanks to Jon Freger of Deep Focus for lettings us know.