Facebook Developer Update: Facepile Plugin and Graph API Features

Facebook has a few more developer updates out this week. Here’s a quick look:

Promotions guidelines: We covered the main changes earlier this week — the company is dropping the $10,000 minimum spending requirement for promotions on Pages, as well as the existing pre-approval process. Note that the guidelines also have been updated to include Places as one of the actions that users take, along with existing options such Liking a Page.

Facepile improvements: The plugin now lets developers show friends who have liked Pages or Open Graph pages; XFBML and iFrame versions are both available, as well.

Tabs deprecation schedule: Facebook has provided some more details on its planned API and FBML tag deprecations:

We will continue letting developers create new FBML Page tab applications until Q1 2011, because we are still working on the iFrame implementation. We are also postponing the deprecation of fb:board until we offer the ability to export data.

Graph API features: Friend lists can now be accessed through the API, including the ability for developers to ask for read_friendlists and manage_friendlists permissions. Similar functionality is available for Likes on comments, including read, write and delete.

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