Facebook Developer Garage D.C.

Facebook developer garage D.C.I am pleased to announce the official Facebook Developers Garage taking place in Washington, D.C. on October 10, 2007. This is being hosted the day after the Facebook political summit. That event already has 180 confirmed guests! We have yet to pick a location so if your company would be interested in hosting the event (and are close to a metro) please send me an email at allfacebook [AT] gmail [DOT] com. So what is the Facebook Developers Garage anyways? As described by Facebook:

Garages are just like they sound — a place for you to explore, get gritty, tinker, experiment, and test out your ideas for Facebook Platform. Being in the Garage is all about participating, getting your hands dirty, and exploring fresh ideas and solutions.

Most Garages will offer you the opportunity to give a 5-10 minute brief presentation or case study on your App — you can show and tell, get feedback, highlight any novel techniques you’re using, or hunt for partners. So far popular topics include: optimizing product design, best practices for viral growth, tricks for testing your app, metrics for success, ninja code tricks…the usual. Pretty much anything goes.

In general, Garages will welcome ad hoc presentations, brainstorming sessions with other developers, and social interaction time. Some Garages will also offer some Q&A time with Facebook Platform Engineers, either via video conference or in person. Most will also provide food, power, and wireless connectivity. Check your area’s Facebook Developer Garage for specific details about what to bring or what to expect.

If you are interested in attending then go join the Facebook Developer Garage – Washington DC event on Facebook. Hope to see you there!