Facebook Launches Developer Feedback Center

-Developer Feedback Icon-This afternoon Facebook announced the launch of a new feedback center for developers where new ideas can be submitted and voted on. The point is to get feedback from developers on where documentation needs to be expanded. Facebook already has extensive documentation via their developer wiki but this new system will enable developers to provide feedback on what documentation gets priority.

Many times Facebook will launch new features or update specific platform libraries but won’t provide a great level of documentation. So far it doesn’t appear as though developers are using the new feature correctly. Instead, many developers are submitting feature requests. For example one developer posted “Don’t double show friends names in different chat friend lists.” Another developer states “It would be cool if there were a way to have a group chat so that if two of your friends were online, all three of you could chat.”

My guess is that not all of the people using this new developer feedback center are actually developers. Facebook is always asking developers for feedback and that’s why they’ve also announced that their feedback survey will become a monthly thing. Facebook continues to remain committed to the ongoing development and improvement of their platform.

As a developer, I have to say that Facebook’s relatively extensive documentation is what differentiates their platform from competitors. Many times the documentation is inconsistent with new releases though and it requires a bit of experimentation and exploration on the developer’s part. Programming documentation regularly has errors in it and Facebook is no exception.

Hopefully this new feedback system will be useful in improving the overall the experience for Facebook developers. Have you found the development experience to be a positive one on Facebook?