Facebook Delivers Repeat Customers to Print-Media Web Sites

Last week, online friendship site Facebook passed search behemoth Google as the most-trafficked U.S. Web site, drawing a 7.1% share of all U.S. Internet visits. Hitwise has put another feather in Facebook’s cap, saying that users coming to media sites from Facebook are more likely to be returning readers than those reaching a site via Google News.

Says Hitwise’s Heather Hopkins:

It seems likely that a site’s existing users are more likely to recognize, trust and click through on a familiar links from a known information source while they are on Facebook, while a Google News user is driven more by getting the details of a given news story and with less attention to brand and source. Still, the data does suggest the importance of maintaining a robust presence on the social media site where a media brand can harvest and optimize the performance of its own audiences.

The Hitwise report suggests that CNN President Jon Klein is on to something, as is USA Today.

(h/t minonline)